How To Stretch During Travel

Scroll through above for 5 incredible stretches. 

You may just be traveling in the coming months. That’s why we hit up our favorite Pilates guru – Heather Andersen – for easy stretches you can do at an airport, in the car, even during a gas station stop. Stretching is one of our favorite ways to reset: It makes us feel leaner, more relaxed, and even more toned at times. If you tighten your tummy during some of the above, you’ll see that stretching can actually be quite active, and shouldn’t always be thought of as just restorative.

If you want to stretch at your desk, on the road, or on a plane, these five exercises are perfect for you. And you can never work to improve your posture enough, correct? Some of us are millenials after all, being hunched over our devices is just par for the course. Andersen explains how to do each stretch above: We guarantee you’ll feel happier and healthier afterwards.

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