Cinnamon, Peach & Bourbon Popsicles

From Ron Carey, Beverage Director and Sommelier at Simbal


1 1/2 lb ripe yellow peaches

6-8 oz house-made peach simple syrup

3 oz bourbon

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1 tablespoon grated cinnamon


Puree peaches & lemon juice

Add peach syrup, bourbon, and cinnamon to taste

Pour into 3oz molds

Freeze over night

Serve in wine glass with 2-3 oz of a nice Amontillado Sherry or Prosecco, dip in the popsicle. Or serve in a wine glass filled about 1/3 way up with crushed ice mixed heavily with chopped mint & add .5 oz bourbon, set peach popsicle on top. Little fun play on a Mint Julep.