The Horoscope Shopping Guide

Scroll through the slideshow above to see the best swimsuit options for your sign. 

When the genius AstroTwins gave us their insightful horoscope this month that focused on body image, we couldn’t help but feel inspired. Usually these girls motivate us regarding our social lives or careers: This month they inspired us sartorially.

Their horoscopes about how each star sign handles body image filled us potatoheads with outfit ideas and styling tips catered to each individual sign. And upon reading them we just knew we had to scour the internet for products and show you the clothing that matches their sign advice. So whether you’re a Gemini who likes to “mix-and-match,” or a Taurus who tends to dress “a little couture,” we have the summer shopping list that is right for you, divided up by sign. What more could a horoscope junkie ask for? Exactly.

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