10 Great Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Scroll through the slideshow above to see our 10 favorite non-alcoholic drinks. 

If ever there was a season for drinking, summer is definitely it. From barbecues to rooftop sessions, the season is packed with social activities where it is basically a prerequisite to have a drink in hand. We’re not sure why the summer makes us cuckoo for adult cocoa puffs (a.k.a Rosé), but when the heat rises admittedly, so does our consumption of alcohol.

For those of you feeling like it’s already time to detox (yes, we hear ya!), we have a solution. Allow this list of fun alcohol-free summer drinks to be your savior. Who needs a glass of sangria when you can have Sparkling Lemongrass Tea? Why waste the calories drinking a Pina Colada when you can have a healthy coconut smoothie? Fruity, pretty drinks without the hang over? All right…we’ll try it.

If you must keep drinking cocktails, why not try one of these watermelon infused ones. Have a bbq event this weekend? Let us give you some outfit inspiration.