Shoes Your Boyfriend Hates

Scroll through the slideshow above to see the shoes. 

Find me a man who claims to find flatforms attractive, and I will find you a liar. It is simply a fact of life that we as females at times wear clothing that have no aesthetic value to our male counterparts (hence Leandra Medine’s genius Man Repeller site) and shoes in particular take the cake when it come to clothing boys hate.

Yes, we are all aware of how seductive a stiletto can be, but there’s something liberating about knowing you are dressing for no one else but yourself. Apologies boys, but we’ll probably keep wearing chunky sandals, creepers and birkenstocks, even if it is for our comfort levels alone. So embrace the eye-roll he gives you every time you put on your favorite slides, and give him a wink when you lace up your favorite high tops. Here are 10 pairs of shoes we love, that we know our boyfriends hate.

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