Get Toned With Dance Cardio

From Fitness Artist Nicole Winhoffer.

Nicole Winhoffer, choreographer and former trainer to the ultimate material girl Madonna, believes in pushing the boundaries of fitness. She creates unique dance routines to help work out every muscle in the body (We can’t think of a more fun way to tone up this summer). Put on some music, read through below, and dance yourself fit!

1.  Whip It – Touch the right foot to the front, curl the hamstring, and again touch the right foot down to the right.  As you step, whip the right arm down as the foot strikes down and right.  Repeat right leg front and side.  Switch sides and repeat.  Step the left foot front and to the left as the left arm whips down.

The whipping action in the arm is good for tightening sagging skin.  With each step, you are contracting the hamstring and the pivoting motion is good for the calf.

2.  Rhythm Nation – Start with legs in a wide parallel position..  Swing arms down and up to the right diagonal.  Keep fingers together and arms straight, like blades.  Swing arms down through center and up to the left diagonal.  Drop arms in the center and rotate bent knees out, in, out, in.

This tones the shoulders and trims the inner and outer thighs.

3.  Patty Cake – Start with hands behind head. Jump feet crossed so right foot is in front of left.  Jump feet apart.  Swing right foot to the side with the knee inverted.  Touch the right hand to the right foot.  Return hand to head and foot to the floor. Jump feet crossed so left foot is in front.  Jump feet apart.  Swing left foot side and tap the left hand to left foot.

Jumping is great for improving cardio strength and tightening skin, eliminating cellulite!  The cross action tones the inner thighs.

4.  Hitch Kicker – Step the right foot to the right corner and tap the left foot in.  Step the left foot back and to start and tap the right foot in.  Facing the same right diagonal, kick right leg front, left leg front, and right leg front.  Land on the right leg and touch the left foot in.  Reverse to the left, kicking left, right, left.

This is great for elongating the leg muscles.

5.  Hips Don’t Lie – Stand on the left foot and pivot the right foot 4 times around in a counterclockwise circle making hip circles with each step.  Face the front and shake the right hip up, down, up, down.  Reverse to the left.

Moving the hips like this tightens the core and engages the abs.

 6.  Chasse Curlicue – Side shuffle to the right.  Cross the left foot back and do a ball change, left right.  Step out on the left foot and turn to the left over the right shoulder.

Moving laterally is so challenging for the body.  The reverse of direction is excellent for proprioception and coordination.

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