How To Get Crop Top Abs

Crop top abs? It’s definitely a thing this time of year. That’s why we checked in with our pilates guru – Heather Andersen, who is the studio owner of fan favorite New York pilates – to give us five foolproof ab exercises we can do in the comfort of our own homes (you just need a ball for one of these, you can find one of those can’t you?).

No one wants to go to the gym on a Sunday, but we do find ourselves wanting to do something…right? Either way, you can also do these before work tomorrow, and feel immediately tighter (that might make up for the Monday malaise, right?). Scroll through the slideshow above, and learn how to tighten those abs the right way…whether or not you do them once or a thousand times, you’ll still feel just a tad tighter for that crop top you just bought.

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