The Ultimate Organic Skincare Routine

Who’s the guru we go to on all things beauty from the inside out? Mikaela Reuben, who gave us the natural skincare products she can’t live without, day to day, morning to evening. We encourage you to shop them above, and believe us your skin will thank us later.

On The New Potato, we love divulging diet and wellness advice from Reuben, because she’s an inspiring fountain of knowledge – a fountain no doubt you’ve gained a plethora of incredible information from over the past year. Mikaela works as a culinary nutritionist and health consultant, assisting stars such as Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson. She takes a personalized approach to her nutrition and health coaching, viewing everyone’s body as distinctly unique. Have we mentioned she’s also a dear friend of ours, as well a a beautiful rock star inside and out? Natural skincare is most definitely The New Potato, as is Reuben, who – if you don’t believe us – has glowing skin, so you better start perusing her routine above…Yup, we’ll have what she’s having.

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