The Top 20 Mojitos in NYC

Scroll through above for 20 incredible mojitos in NYC: We dare you. Why? Well, it’s Thirsty Thursday, and if even you’re not going out tonight, there’s a big chance you’ll make an appearance at a drinking establishment tomorrow night. Lets face it, in summer, we experience a kind of Mojitos-esque fever (if you can call it that). Our typical ‘glass of white wine’ is replaced but far more interesting festive options: One being the ever-powerful, dangerously delicious mojito.

It just has so many of our favorite ingredients: Fresh mint, rum, sugar, lime juice…two out of those four are even good for you. Try to spruce your drinking routine up this weekend and visit one or three or five of the options above. It’s called a Mojito Crawl…and The New Potato is officially making it a thing.

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