5 Perfect Jean Jackets

My outfit is missing something…this thought may have gone through your head a few times in the past week or two. With the quick change of weather from chilly to warm, our wardrobes still seem amiss at times. Just a dress seems too simple, high-waisted denim and a white tee seems like it needs something, a skirt and crop top needs to be cool-ified: Enter the jean jacket.

We consider this piece to alleviate any and every summer wardrobe malfunction. Well, it’s not so much a malfunction as it is an outfit that needs just one more thing. In summer, that icing on the cake or cherry on top (if you will) can most often be a jean jacket, and we’ve picked five perfect ones we know you’ll be on board with. Restaurant or bar hopping? Entertaining for a dinner party? We most definitely have your eating, drinking and general summer living wardrobe covered…

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