Stay Fresh-Faced All Day

From Dominique Samuel, the incredible makeup artist responsible for red carpet looks like Gigi Hadid, Taylor Hill and Alexa Chung. He also did our makeup in this fun video

So first of all it is important to start by prepping the skin. For more hydration, I will always start with a mask – Starskin has amazing masks. It also gives you a moment for yourself where you can close your eyes for a couple of minutes and think about your upcoming day.

Then as a base, you have to start with sunblock and of course your moisturizer and then a primer! Primers are amazing for creating a flawless canvas and your makeup will stay on all day. I love a spray primer – Urban decay and Smashbox are known for good primers in general.

If you are in a rush and you don’t have much time, I would recommend a cc cream with a sunblock. My absolute favorite, which is what I use on a lot of clients, is It Cosmetics “Your Skin But Better” CC Cream with SPF 50+. It has sun block and it makes your skin smooth. Because it is a combined product, it will look flawless and works for young girls and for older skin.

The next step is concealer. The are different concealers for different reasons: Is it for dark circles? Do you have blemish you need to cover? Or, do you just want something to brighten and highlight? I love skin to be skin; I want people to look at you and say, “Wow, you have amazing skin!” A couple of my favorite concealers are Nars Radiant Concealer, and Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage. Nars is perfect to cover dark circles (or even when you don’t want to use a lot of makeup) and Laura Mercier is good for blemishes because it is a thicker consistency and will stay put. If you have wrinkles or you want to highlight a certain area, I think the best highlighter concealer is YSL Touche Eclat. If you don’t have much of a budget, almost every mass market brand has great highlighter pens.

After that, I would use powder – and this depends on how oily you are. The trick is to cover the areas where you are most oily. You already put primer on, so you don’t want to look dry or get makeup creases. I like the Under Eye Brighter Powder from Laura Mercier and I love La Mer Translucent Powder.

When you finished with the base. I love to spray Kate Somerville Nourish hydrating mist. Spritz on this cooling, moisturizing glycerin-and-lavender-oil mist for an instant pick-me-up throughout the day. It instantly makes your skin looks fresh and awake, and the smell is just so good that you feel important.

For eye makeup, I would use waterproof products, because you want it to stay and keep it fresh. I love gel liners, Bobbi Brown’s are my favorite. And pencilsare amazing and almost everyone has them. I like the rock’ n kohl from Charlotte Tilbury. Maybelline has amazing low budget gel liners. For mascara, I would definitely recommend mass market brands! L’oreal has – in my opinion – the best ones!

If you want a fresh makeup look that stays good all day, make sure you add a little pop of color. One of my favorite colors is Orgasm from NARS ( and of course, the name is amazing).

But, no matter what you put on your face, if you don’t feel good you will never look good. Makeup can do the trick, but it all has to come from within. When you apply your own makeup, make sure you take a little time for yourself. When you look at yourself, focus on what you find beautiful. Focus on the good, treat yourself nicely, and the rest will grow and follow. You will give that power out to the world and people will see it when they meet you. Confidence can be taught – you just need to find the right makeup artist or beauty coach!

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