The Top 30 Neapolitan Pizza Spots

Trust us on this one: You don’t need a 1-way ticket to Italy to experience some of the world’s most intensely flavored, traditional and unique Neapolitan pizza. As tried and true New Yorkers, we take our love of pizza very seriously. We practically mark our cheat days on our calendars with the words “order in Motorino.” Rubirosa requires a reservation a month in advance and we find that positively reasonable.

Yes, we love our pizza, and there’s nothing better than an authentic neapolitan pizza. Tomato, basil, mozzarella —The Italians really do understand that there is brilliance in simplicity! It seems no other cuisine can adhere to the KISS principles (keep it simple stupid), and achieve such tasty results. The city is crawling with delicious Neapolitan and we made it our priority to try them all, (our jobs are spec tough, we know!). See our picks above and don’t blame us if you cancel on dinner with friends tonight to order in, or change your reservations to one of these spots…

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