Just Cheeks

That covetable freshly flushed in the face, just-did-some-yoga-in-Central-Park-look is fabulous. But that red in the face, humidity-is-taking-over-my-life-look is not so fab. Here at TNP, we are all about  beauty products that give us a healthy summertime glow.  Your makeup look should be sophisticated (and not sweaty), throughout the gruelling summer months and we are here to help.

While we’ve focused on brows and skin the last couple weeks, this week, we are focusing on blushes and highlighters that enhance your killer summer tan…or will help you fake that cute, sun-kissed just-was-in-the-Hamptons look, which we all hope to emulate. Scroll through to find our top five favorite products to use on your cheeks! It’s all you need…this is minimalist beauty at its finest.

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