26 Workouts To Do In Your Apartment

Scroll through the slideshow above for 26 workouts to do at home. 

On Sundays, reading things about working out or diets can either be super-motivating or super-depressing. It’s a day when we are sometimes quite imbalanced from the weekend’s eating and drinking festivities. In fact, we sometimes find ourselves resembling Jason Siegel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall on Sundays, when he sips red wine wrapped in a blanket and gets disproportionally upset at Heidi Klum’s  “Auf Wiedershen” on Project Runway. You can no doubt bet Padma’s “Pack your knives and go” on a certain Sunday would send us over the edge.

Nevertheless, Sundays can also have us feeling motivated to reset and reboot health wise, but in the most non-intimidating way possible. That’s why we rounded up our favorite workouts from the site – from everyone from Victoria’s Secret Models to trainers to chefs – that you can do in the comfort of your apartment…even while watching Project Runway (without the crying portion). So tighten up in the comfort of your home with the 26 activities above…

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