How To Relax Your Muscles

From The Skinny Confidential’s Lauryn Evarts 

Alright guys, let’s talk about something everyone on the entire planet can relate to.

Tension. More specifically, muscle tension. It can be a real doozy. Muscle tension is associated with poor circulation, anxiety, stress, fatigue, headaches…the list goes on and on – it can do a real number on your body and long term health. Basically, muscle tension sucks.

Don’t worry though; there are some simple things you can do to relax those muscles – things that will save you big time from chronic pain or stress-related health issues. Here are four simple ways to relax your muscles:

Get real comfortable with essential oils.

Essential oils and aromatherapy have been used for thousands of years for all types of ailments. Modern science also supports their effectiveness for reducing muscle tension, inflammation and even joint aches. Diffuse them or rub them directly on your tight muscles. Especially apply them before bedtime so you can enjoy totally relaxing sleep.

These oils are known to be some of the best for reducing inflammation in the muscles, and therefore reducing pain: Chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus, frankincense, clary sage, and marjoram.

Take hot baths in epsom salt regularly.

Honestly, try to do this once per week – especially after a long stressful day or an intense workout. Epsom salt is amazingly effective at reducing inflammation. Not to mention, a hot bath in general is super soothing. So go ahead and light some candles, play some Bossanova and enjoy some R & R.

Stretch with ease.

Too often people push their bodies too hard when stretching after a workout or during yoga. I like to call it ‘stressful stretching.’ Instead, ease into a deep stretch; it allows the body to slowly open up. Hold positions for longer, focus on breathing deep and close your eyes. Feel and focus on where the body is tense, then try to slowly release that tension. Hot yoga is fantastic for relaxing the muscles.


Yes, you read that correctly. Being mindful can help you relax your muscles – especially the muscles around the neck and shoulders.

Here’s what I mean by being mindful: You just need to focus your mind on the areas you might be holding tension. Ask yourself if you’re clenching your shoulders and neck muscles. Ask yourself if you can drop your shoulders down a little bit further from your ears. Try it. You might be surprised how easy it is to relax your muscles just by focusing your mind.

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