Feed The Beast’s Lorenza Izzo

A new show on AMC – Feed The Beast – started this week, and it follows two guys (David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess) who decide to follow their long-standing dream of opening an upscale restaurant in their childhood neighborhood in the Bronx: Sounds like two guys TNP would feature, doesn’t it? We chose to sit down and chat with their co-star, the beautiful Lorenza Izzo (she plays Schwimmer’s love interest on the show). Turns out Izzo believes she was Daffy Duck in a past life, and thinks The New Potato is being your unique self. Maybe we should have saved this for Woman Crush Wednesday?

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

Can I travel in one day? If I can dream ,I would have breakfast in the south of Chile in Pucón with my family, which would consist of lots of German Chilean style pies, homemade bread, avocado mash, jams, fresh fruit and coffee. For lunch, I’d love a giant fresh salad with friends, and for dinner it would have to be pasta and red wine with my husband. It’s all about the company. Well, it’s all about the food – but the company helps.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

I believe beauty comes from the inside and feeling good. I’m a very hyper and energetic person and have my ups and downs, even during a day. Working out in the morning has become a religious practice for me. It clears my head and prepares me for the day. I love switching it up and keeping it fun but also listening to what my body needs. I’m a very indulgent person, especially when it comes to food. I love hosting and cooking for people; I think it runs in my family. I try to be balanced as much as possible, but it all depends also on where I’m at and what I’m doing.

Normally, I try to keep it simple and delicious, I eat lots of vegetables and fruit. I love an avocado toast in the morning, a big salad with everything that’s in my fridge at lunch and a nice cooked fish with vegetables at night. I also can’t miss my dark chocolate and tea before bed.

What are your morning and nightly beauty routines?

In the mornings I spray my face with rose water, and put on some of the morning Kiehl’s oil and Christine Chin’s sunblock before anything else! My night routine is way longer. If I’m working I usually have to take all my makeup off, which takes a while – and when you’re exhausted it’s the last thing you want to do – but taking makeup off is very important. I then wash my face with Osmosis cleanser; I use their antioxidant replenish serum, their renew serum and their quench moisturizer.

What’s your perfect smoothie comprised of? 

I love a great green smoothie, or one with berries. Banana, spinach, strawberries, hemp, flaxseed and almond milk are my jam.

What’s your perfect salad comprised of?

My classic go-to lunch salad is arugula, avocado, roasted sweet potatoes or squash, chickpeas or quinoa and a green goddess dressing. Most of the time I’ll add a poached egg or smoked salmon.

Your new show – Feed The Beast – is about two guys opening their dream restaurant, what are your favorite restaurants? 

In LA, I love Pizzeria Mozza, Cafe Gratitude, Jon and Vinny’s, Craig’s, Gjusta, Sushi Park, and Hugo’s.

In New York, I love Casa Mono, Maialino, Two Hands Cafe, Butcher’s Daughter, Pylos, Locanda Verde, Jules…I could go on!

How was it working with David Schwimmer? What was your favorite part of filming? 

David is an amazing person. He’s an extremely generous actor and a sweet, caring partner on set. It was a pleasure from beginning to end and he’s truly a master of his craft. The whole experience was beyond great. I had so many moments on set where I’d literally stop for a second and smile from ear to ear because I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. My favorite part truly was the entire process, but goofing around with the camera crew and Elijah [Jacob], who is ten—he plays TJ in the show—was a highlight.

What are your go-to snacks on set? 

Coffee, dark chocolate, almond butter and banana, green juices and fruit.

What are the workouts you’re obsessed with?

I love dancing. I go to Body by Simone’s classes. I do a class on a climber reformer called Rise Nation, which wipes you out in half an hour, and lately I’m very into hot yoga at Y7.

You were X in a past life…

I was Daffy Duck.

Where do you love to travel? What won’t you travel without? 

South America, Italy. Europe…everywhere actually. I won’t travel without my passport. Haha I’m obsessed with my beauty travel bag. I keep rose water, Argan oil, a hydrating mask…I literally carry a mini spa with me. Airplanes and traveling in general can be a brutal ordeal sometimes and the skin really takes it, so I like to travel prepared. I even bring my own food on the plane, which usually consists of a green salad, almonds and a fruit.

In the same vein as what is the new black in fashion, what’s the new potato right now?

I think we are finally entering a world where it’s cool to be you, where the new potato actually is to be your authentic, unique self – and I think that potato is everything in life. It’s always been my potato. I like this saying.

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*Lorenza Izzo, photographed in New York, NY by Danielle Kosann