10 Perfect White Dresses

When discussing Italian elegance, it’s impossible to overlook Sophia Loren. The woman is iconic for her ability to be both effortlessly sexy, yet insanely sophisticated (have we mentioned we also wish we looked as awesome as her whilst eating spaghetti?). It’s a trait that many other Italians have picked up (or perhaps, inherited) over the years, which is why the country’s fashion and style is admired the world over. Emulating Italian style is much like emulating french style: Often is it more about your attitude than your attire.

Though we are not denying that the attire does play a huge part. That is why we have put together a list of dresses that will make you feel like you’re Sophia basking in the sunlight along the Italian Riviera.  These dresses will have you looking like a sexy and sophisticated signora — It will be absolutely bellissima. 

Featuring Kendell Tobin in Jenni Kayne

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