The Top 6 Rosés Right Now

As if we needed another excuse to drink wine, National Wine Day is this Wednesday the 25th of May. And though we may indulge in a glass (or two) of vino more often than we like to admit, we are taking this holiday as an opportunity to celebrate the summeriest of all the wines: Rosé.

A crisp glass of rosé practically epitomizes summer: More accurately it basically courses through our veins all season. It’s not just us, the drink is so popular throughout the warmer months, that there was even a shortage in the Hamptons last year (I believe this is when people hashtag #WhiteGirlProblems). Momofuku’s genius beverage director – Jordan Salcito – gave us the hit list of roses we need for our summer soirees at all different price points. You’re welcome.

From Jordan Salcito 

First let’s take a moment to celebrate rosé’s rise to celebrity status. Not long ago, the category was at best an afterthought, at worst a scarlet letter on a wine list. Today, it owns the summer season. Above are a few favorites that are easy to get excited about and fit for any budget.

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