The Top 18 Gelato Spots Downtown

Cold treats in a variety of fashions are essential for enduring the dog days of summer. We’ll never turn down ice cream, popsicles, or shaved ice, but when we’re feeling particularly special, we’ll opt for gelato — a seductive dessert that upstages ice cream on many occasions.

We’re suckers for gelato’s smooth and velvety texture, along with those petite cups and adorable baby spoons. Bonus? Less fat, and less air churned in during the freezing process, so it tastes richer and creamier than its American counterpart, but tends to have fewer calories (twist our arms why don’t you?). This city’s crawling with killer gelato spots, but some of our favorites can be found all over downtown. Take a look at our picks, and be sure to take a passeggiata (or stroll, for you Americanos) while you enjoy your scoop or cone (it’s the Italian way)…

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