7 Things To Do With Tuna

Tuna is a godsend, and come warm weather it’s many times the protein we’re dying to order in restaurants. But what about cooking it at home? Doing both is no doubt a great idea, because this lean protein (which we’re slightly addicted to) increases energy, lowers cholesterol, decreases inflammation, and aids in weight loss.

When we pay our favorite seafood market a visit, in pursuit of a beautiful filet that will impress our dinner company, tuna never lets us down (when grilled up or pan seared, it tastes as delicious as a hunk of steak).  So what will it be? Melt-in-your-mouth seared Ahi? Ceviche? A classic Nicoise salad? See above for the seven things we’re telling you to do with tuna when you’re cooking at home this season…

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