How to Pronounce Certain Food Words

We love food like nothing else, but there are definitely food words that have tripped us up before…and then some. And we run a food site so we feel quite inadequate when this happens. It was only recently when a friend said “Açaí “ as “A-sigh” and another friend said “Pho” like “foe” in the same week that we realized an article needed to be written to help everyone pronounce common food words. Because if you are what you eat, you should be able to pronounce what you’re eating at the very least, don’t you think? You poke a friend on Facebook, you eat poh-kay.

Some of you foodies may know these pronunciations like the back of your hand, and if you do, what can we say? Move on to this article about the best healthy breakfasts in midtown, because this food translation list is here to stay! Read through below, and if you realize you pronounce many of them wrong don’t stress: Just let out a sigh, then eat some a-sah-ee…

  • Ceviche (Suh-Vee-Chay)
  • Gnocchi (Nyoh-kee)
  • Açaí  (Ah-sah-ee)
  • Quinoa (Keen-Wa)
  • Poké (Poh-kay)
  • Charcuterie (Shar-Koo-Tuhr-ee)
  • Crudités (Crew-Dee-Tay)
  • Espresso (Es-press-o)
  • Horchata (Orrchata, silent H)
  • Paella (Pie-aye-ya)
  • Pho (Fuh)
  • Sriracha (Sih-rah-cha)
  • Beignet (Ben-Yay)
  • Foie Gras (Fwa-gra)
  • Gyro (Yee-Roh)
  • Nicoise (Nee-Swaahz)
  • Tzatziki ( Tsa-Tsi-Kee)
  • Hors D’oeuvres (Ohr-derves)
  • Quesadilla – (Kay-Sa-Di-Ya)
  • Sommelier (Saw-muhl-yay)
  • Szechuan (Sesh-Wahn)
  • Edamame (Ed-ah-Mah-May)
  • Worcestershire (Woos-ter-sheer)
  • Vichyssoise (Vee-she-swaaz)
  • Herb (erb)
  • Prosciutto (Proh-shoo-toe)
  • Mole (Moh-lay)
  • Endive (En-dive)
  • Bruschetta (Broo-skeh-tah)

For recipes featuring these difficult to pronounce words, see this tuna ceviche, or this quinoa bowl recipe