What to Wear in Paris

You may know it about us already…but we are francophiles in every sense of the word. We figure if we dress like French girls – and do beauty and wellness like french girls – we may just find ourselves magically transported to Paris. It could happen, right? But when you think about french fashion, the mind can easily immediately go to a skinny pant and sailor striped top (Case in point, above!). Though, we’re kind of over that stereotype, aren’t you? Dressing like a French Woman doesn’t mean you have to adhere to cliches. However we can totally understand the desire to look like you’re from the city of lights. Parisians are inherently known for being effortlessly chic, and isn’t that the way we all aspire to be described? This is why we have put together a list of what to wear when you visit Paris, (Or what to wear to look like you are from there) — So follow this guide, and brush up on your French because if you dress like this, everyone will think you’re a local.

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