Apartment Friendly Recipes

If you live in an apartment like us, you know how precious every square foot of space is. And as much as we love making Julia’s famous Boeuf Bourguignon when we’re out in the countryside, it sometimes a bit too labor intensive for our apartment kitchens. If you use your oven for storage a la Carrie Bradshaw, then it’s a good bet that cooking high-maintenance recipes that require a host of pots and gadgets isn’t ideal.

We adore cooking — it’s cathartic, fun, and a good way to eat healthy, (plus, we enjoy pretending we’re facing up against Bobby Flay in a throwdown). But sometimes we need simple one-pot or one-pan dishes we can whip up quickly on weeknights. So to keep you sane and happy, we’ve got five one-pot recipes you can make in that adorable apartment of yours (stress-free). Check them out and don’t forget to drink wine while you cook…

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