30 Great White Dresses

White dresses…we think they invoke an automatic glow on anyone that sports them. The old fashion rule states you should never wear white after Labor Day, though white will probably be the only color we do wear until that fateful day rolls around in early September. Nothing evokes the aesthetic of summer more than a crisp white sundress. It is the quintessential summer outfit, and completely embodies the nature of the season.

What is chicer than throwing on a simple white dress, and a pair of strappy sandals before going to meet friends at the park, the beach or at brunch? The answer is nothing, because white dresses are the perfect option for any summer occasion. From crisp cotton shirt dresses, to casual knee-length shift dresses and everything in-between, investing in a white dress will definitely be the wisest fashion choice you make this season. Scroll through above to find your next wardrobe staple.

Pair your white dress with a pair of espadrilles, or throw on a bomber jacket for days when the weather is colder.