Get Fit With Movement

From Natalie Jill, the social media extraordinaire and hot new voice in the fitness world, out with her new book – The 7 Day Jumpstart.

Working toward ‘skinny’ is discouraging, but working toward STRONGER is empowering—you will see!

In order to meet your fitness goals, you need to get off your butt, stand up, and move! I’m not talking about three or four times a week at the gym. Not twenty minutes or even an hour a day. If you want optimal health, amazing energy levels, a fast metabolism, and a lean body, you need to move throughout the day, every day. NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) is basically all that movement that you do throughout the day just living your life—washing the car, running errands, climbing the stairs, walking down the street to the store, and even things like chewing gum, fidgeting, and tapping your feet. It is not what you do when you go to the gym like aerobics classes, riding the spin bike, or lifting weights. It’s non-exercise activity.

NEAT is actually significantly more important than our exercise habits when it comes not only to fat-loss, but also for health, vitality, avoiding diabetes and many other chronic diseases, enhancing energy levels, speeding up our metabolism, and even prolonging our lives. If you typically sit most of the day and are chronically low in energy and struggling to lose fat despite eating well and working out hard, NEAT is your answer. So get up and move again and again throughout the day, every day! Do that a few times a day and it will make a difference in the long run. You can think of it this way: Ten minutes per day of body weight exercises adds up to about sixty hours of working out over the course of a year. Sixty hours of working out definitely burns some caloriestones some muscle, and helps prevent that slow creeping weight gain over the course of the year!

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