Healthy Enchiladas 2 Ways

Enchiladas are one of those things we eat on a rare occasion — a splurge, if you will. They’re right next to things like chips and queso, pizza, and milkshakes — naughty temptress foods that prey on our weaknesses and try to bring us over to the dark side, aka, the top of the food pyramid. Smothered in cheese and lacking in vegetables, enchiladas are typically not the most virtuous thing to eat, but since life is short and deprivation isn’t part of our ethos, we were determined to find a way to make some healthy ones, you know in case we want them more often. With simple swaps and modifications, voila, we’ve made over the enchilada, and boy does she look good. Check out these two guilt-free ways to indulge in these bundles of joy. We bet they’ll be in your weekly dinner rotation — they’re in ours.

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