10 Things to Freshen Your Bedroom

Ever feel like you’re incredibly sick of your bedroom and you don’t quite know why? It’s that feeling you get when you look at your pile of pilled sweaters at the end of winter: Completely and utterly craving a refresh of any kind. It’s that restless need to spruce things up a bit, and we’ve got you covered. May is the optimum time to freshen your home, as it is the month pre-summer, yet post-spring cleaning. And when you are in the mood to redecorate, the bedroom is a great place to start!

Purchase some new bed linen, buy a scented candle, replace that old dusty frame with something colourful and new. There are many small and inexpensive ways to update your bedroom, and we’ve found 10 perfect items to help get you started! Scroll though above and find your new favorite home furnishings.

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