20 Top Seafood Dishes Downtown

One of our favorite things about this time of year is that there’s no shortage of beach excursions — it’s what we daydream about when it’s Friday, and 5 o’clock is creeping up (that and what our drink of choice will be for happy hour). We love the sand, the water, and best of all, we love eating briny oysters and flaky fish to our heart’s content. There’s nothing like fresh-off-the-boat seafood eaten on the water, but there’s something different about ordering seafood in the concrete jungle otherwise known as sweltering NYC in summer.

Here’s a tip, think of the city as a second seafood mecca: Because some spots have seafood so fresh you could swear you were at the beach, and not on the corner of Broome and Mulberry. Some of our favorite joints for seriously good seafood happen to be downtown. Whether this is your turf or not, these spots are worth venturing to, and they’ll definitely tide you over until your next beach trip….

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