The Chefs’ Eating Guide to NYC

Before we were asking where models and actors love to eat, we were also asking chefs where to go for great food on their nights off. If there’s any group of people more in tune with where to eat, it’s these guys, and we trust them wholeheartedly. They’re the experts, so they know better than anyone else, and honestly, is there any better intel a foodie could possibly want? It’s kind of like finding out where Marc Jacobs loves to shop, or what music Beyoncé listens to.

We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing so many wonderful chefs over the years — from Jonathan Waxman to Alex Guarnaschelli, and these culinary wizards hold the coveted key to this kingdom of good eats. Jacques Pépin once told us the greatest food now is in New York, and we have to agree. Click above to see where the chefs eat in this food mecca town. Hey, if Giada gets her pasta fix at Morandi, then so must we!

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