30 Apartment Essentials

Spring is all about fresh starts, right? Wardrobe makeovers, revamped routines, and best of all, shiny new digs. Leases are about to be up, and if you’re not renewing, you’ll be patrolling this urban jungle for apartment rentals. Half the fun of a new pad, and a new neighborhood, is the shopping. You’ll have a clean slate to work with space-wise, so why not re-evaluate your decor? Moving is hard — nails will be broken, profanities will be uttered, cocktails will be needed. Now’s the perfect time to treat yourself to that amazing bedding you’ve been eyeing for the last few months, or at the very least, a new candle. To make your move easier, we’ve gathered up some apartment essentials we love. From throws to dinnerwear, check out our picks, hit the shops, and go warm that new home.

Feature image photographed by Danielle Kosann at The Apartment by The Line in Los Angeles. 

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