31 Days of Healthy Breakfast

Above are your next seven days of recipes, and below is the grocery list you’ll need for them. What better thing to do on a Sunday? You may have heard, but we’re giving you thirty-one straight days of healthy breakfast recipes, accompanied by a shopping list each week of what to get. Because, it’s true, breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day. Even though we do sometimes fall prey to the whole consume-near-to-zero calories throughout the day so we can binge at dinner, we’re usually good at kicking off the day right with a healthy breakfast.

But some of you may be wondering, what is a healthy and simultaneously enjoyable breakfast? The drab grapefruit and black coffee seems oh-so-depressing, and sometimes egg whites on their own just don’t cut it. We’ve got you covered with breakfasts chock full of healthy fats. See Week 2 above, and your grocery list below…

Here’s Week 1 in case you missed it! 


Almond Milk (Day 1, Day 7)

1 Apple (Day 1)

2 Bananas (Day 2, Day 7)

1 bag Spinach (Day 2, Day 7)

2 Avocados (Day 5, Day 6)

1 small bunch radishes (Day 6)

1 small onion (Day 6)

1 small bunch cilantro (Day 6)

1 jalapeño (Day 6)

1 container blueberries (Day 2, Day 7)

7 oz Greek Yogurt (Day 2, Day 7)

1 container Strawberries (Day 2, Day 5, Day 7)

1 container Blackberries (Day 3, Day 7)

Sourdough Bread (Gluten-Free optional) (Day 3)

Mozzarella (Day 3)

Pesto (Day 3)

1 large Butternut Squash (Day 4)

2 Chai Tea Leaves (or tea bags) (Day 4)

1 Orange (Day 5)

2 Limes (Day 5, Day 6)

1 bunch Kale (Day 5)

Corn Tortillas (2 for individual, 8 for 4) (Day 6)

Eggs (2 for individual, 8 for 4) (Day 6)

Feta Cheese (Day 6)

Cherries (Enough for 1 cup) (Day 7)


Oats (Gluten-Free optional) (Day 1)

Vanilla (Day 1)

Raw Cashews (Day 1)

Hemp Seeds (Day 1)

Almond Butter (Day 2)

Coconut Flakes (Day 2, Day 7)

Pumpkin Seeds (Day 2, Day 7)

Flax Seeds (Day 2, Day 7)

Chia Seeds (Day 4)

Coconut Oil (Day 4)

Honey (Day 4)

Spirulina (Day 5)

Bee Pollen (Day 5)

Sea Salt (Day 6)

Cooking Oil (Day 6)

Agave Syrup (Day 7)

Hemp Hearts (Day 7)

Starting from scratch? Here’s week 1

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