10 West Village Date Ideas

We’re proud New Yorkers, and we’re hard pressed to find any neighborhood more alluring and romantic than the West Village. There’s something about those beautiful brick brownstones, sleepy blocks, and winding cobblestone streets that have us feeling like we’re in a Nora Ephron film. Peppered with intimate parks, cozy cafes, charming bistros, and some of our favorite spots for retail therapy, this hood is brimming with ideal spots for a date. A candlelit Croque-Monsieur at Buvette? Drinks at The Waverly Inn? How about that infamous burger and a nightcap at The Spotted Pig? Even just strolling through this quaint neighborhood makes for a good time. Love is in the air (at least in the West Village). Check out our favorite spots, and get yourself a date.

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