22 Beauty Essentials You Need

Goop’s Beauty Director – Jean Godfrey-June – is kind of a role model of ours. Her skin seems to glow with the strength of 1,000 ships (is that a phrase?) and every time we see her we can’t help but say…”What the heck is this woman applying on a day-to-day basis?”

Whether it be the products she doesn’t travel without, her makeup go-to’s or her morning hair regimen, she gave us 22 things she loves and what she does with each. Is there anything more to wish for in the realm of skincare, hair care and makeup? We think not potatoes…we think not.

The publishing legend, who was beauty director at Lucky Magazine for years, now taking digital by storm at Goop, gave us many a beauty secret: They’re all available to you above. You’re welcome.

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