Okay potatoheads, a new column and Instagram party has officially begun and it’s called #yournewpotato. Each week, we’ll be picking our favorite Instagram to post on our site AND Instagram, that answers the question “What’s your new potato?” Just make sure to tag us @thenewpotato and use the hashtag #yournewpotato.

From Hamilton the musical to poke bowls and fur loafers, your new potato can be absolutely anything – and we want to know what it is! This week’s winner is Chicago native Paige Adams, of @lastingredient

On who she is…

My name is Paige Adams. I am a food enthusiast and interior designer from Chicago. By day, I work at an architecture firm designing commercial, institutional and residential projects. I spend my nights and weekends in the kitchen developing recipes for my blog. Last Ingredient is where I share my culinary adventures. I am a native Midwesterner, but I’ve travelled the world – including spending three years in London. Nothing is better than eating and exploring your way through a new place.

I am the mother of an energetic two-year-old boy, who is my favorite kitchen helper. He is an expert mess maker and lover of all carbohydrates. Together we bake treats, cook spaghetti and eat waffles for dinner. Who doesn’t love brinner?

On her ideal food day…

I would start the day with my usual blueberry and cherry smoothie with peanut butter, chia seeds and coconut water. Then I would head to Green City Market. For the past few months, I’ve been counting down to the start of the outdoor market season in Chicago, and finally May is here!

After picking up fresh fruit and veggies, cheese and flowers from the market, I would head to Antique Taco for their kale salad with spicy peanuts, queso fresco, red peppers, strawberries and tortilla chips tossed in pomegranate vinaigrette, and of course I would have a couple of tacos.

To prep for dinner, I would make a batch of pizza dough and fire up the grill. The closest I’ve ever come to restaurant-worthy pizza at home is to cook it on the grill. I like to keep toppings simple with mozzarella and a combination of pesto and tomato sauce. For dessert, I would bake a batch of salted fudge brownies. Salty and sweet is my kind of indulgence.

How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

During my pre-child days, I went to the gym everyday. Now I only get there on weekends. Exercising gives me energy, so besides chasing around my son, I try to walk as much as I can to get from place to place. I love fresh air, even on a frigid Chicago day, and the best way to experience any environment is on foot.

I like to eat healthy, but I do splurge. Finding a balance is key. I am careful to nibble on the donuts and other random food that appears at the office only on occasion. If I am going to have a treat, it can’t just be any cookie, it has to be a good one.

About five years ago, I quit diet soda and now if I have a craving, I reach for a glass of sparkling water. That keeps me hydrated while quenching my thirst. I love those bubbles!

Why is this photo #yournewpotato?

The dessert of choice around my house is chocolate, so whenever I am making something for a get-together I like it to be different. My friend hosted a Mexican-themed potluck, and tres leches cake came to mind right away. When I poured the milks over the vanilla and cinnamon-scented sponge, I never thought it would drink up all that liquid, but like magic, it did. The whipped cream and strawberry-topped cake was a definite crowd-pleaser.

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