What Jay-Z & Rachael Ray Cook Together

Ever since the news broke about Rachael Ray and Jay-Z’s torrid affair, we can’t help but wonder what we wonder about every celebrity couple – what does a typical week of eating look like for these two? While Ray graces the set of the Food Network with her show The Rachael Ray Show each week (Jay Z has yet to be a guest star), her better half lights up the stage with his music all around the country, and is also an entrepreneur and investor, with endeavors like his music streaming service – Tidal.

The pressure is on for this limelight couple, so when it comes to their diets we imagined it’s a kind of Tom Brady & Gisele situation in a shared awareness of wellness and health. We were only half right, turns out the two are quite the foodies. Here’s what a typical food day looks like for JayRay…

While Jay Z is more a pancakes guy, Rachael loves a good acai bowl in the AM, so the two compromise with either Grilled Cheese and blackberries on sourdough toast, this spring pea and feta quiche, or a lighter choice like this quinoa morning porridge, if Jay Z’s previous evening was packed with too much sodium. Jay Z may have 99 problems, but a hearty breakfast option isn’t one of them.

And for lunch? Rachael packs a mean homemade wrap or sandwich for her man (perhaps accompanied by carrot sticks, a fresh peach, or Gushers on super special days) like this Fried Green Tomato BLT sandwich, or a greek vegan meatball sub if it’s been a heavy week of eating for the God of Rap himself. Ray often opts for this delicious Thai Quinoa Salad.

If the two power-lunch it together, they can often be found canoodling outside at Da Silvano, or strolling through Chelsea Market (below where Ray tapes), or the streets of this concrete jungle where dreams are made of searching for delicious soup dumplings.

And when it comes to dinner these two are no doubt young forever. They’ll opt for comfort foods like Chicken Tinga Tacos, Turkey Chili or a classic Primavera pizza. And if they’re hitting up the town, they have a surprising penchant for spots like Caliente Cab, Tortilla Flats or Del Friscos.

When bedtime rolls around, they cap off the day with a smooth nightcap…or an ice cold glass of lemonade.

*Disclaimer: This story is obviously a satire concocted by wishful potatoheads hoping to see The God of Rap & The Goddess of Food Network one day get together. 

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