30 Healthy Breakfasts Downtown

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, (or so our mothers told us growing up), and here at The New Potato, we can’t understand why so many people choose to skip the morning ritual. With the abundance of delicious choices—from the healthy options like acai bowls and green smoothies, to the more indulgent possibilities like pancakes and eggs benedict—breakfast is undoubtedly the most exciting of all the daily meals.

We have decided to make it our mission to change the minds of those of you who chose to opt-out of breaky, by providing you with a full proof list of spots you will love. Fancy a Mediterranean fare? Try Jack’s Wife Freda. In the mood for something vegan? Head to By Chloe. This list of 30 breakfast spots downtown has something for every palate. These options are so good, we guarantee you’ll never skip breakfast again, and also click here for our 31 days of breakfast that you can do yourself at home…

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