The Best Foods For Energy

From Holly Phillips M.D.

Food represents so many different things in our daily lives – It can be a source of pleasure, a way to express love, a conduit for social connections, and more. Because it plays so many roles, it’s easy to overlook food’s essential purpose – as a source of fuel for our bodies and minds. The higher quality fuel we burn, the better we feel, and that’s where superfoods come in.

You’ve probably heard the term superfood, but have you ever wondered what makes a food super? It’s all about efficiency: Superfoods not only pack more nutritional punch per bite than other foods, they also have properties that directly support the immune system, cut down on inflammation in the body, support mental health, boost stamina, longevity and most directly, energy.

For an energizing quick-fix, I recommend including one superfood in every meal or snack you eat for a week. The premium fuel will have you revving your engines from morning to night. Click through above for some of my favorites.

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