The Models’ Guide to LA Eating

The cliché driven stereotype leads people to often believe that models don’t eat, though throughout our time here at The New Potato, we have definitely discovered a lot of evidence to the contrary. From Karlie Kloss, to Chrissy Teigen, it seems models love to eat (and cook) just as much as the rest of us potatoheads, and they have the fabulous restaurant recommendations to prove it.

Last month we presented to you the Models’ Eating Guide to New York, and this month we are taking things over to the west coast. From delicious sushi spots recommended by the likes of runway model Laura Love, to vegan cafes and eateries recommended by bombshell blonde Kelly Rohrbach (who recently graced the set of Broad City, how much more awesome could one be?), we have all the the places you need to hit on your next trip to LA—or, if you’re lucky enough to be a local of the sun-drenched city, consider this your new list of go-to’s….

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