100 NYC Spots For A First Date

Ahhh, the wonderfully frenetic, butterfly-ridden, disorienting haze of those moments before a first date. Whether you’re currently in the crazy dating arena or not, you know what we’re referring to. We know you already spend enough time deliberating over what to wear (because we do it too), so you don’t want to waste time stressing over which restaurant to choose. First date destinations are just as important as first impressions, and they set the tone for the night ahead. You want a memorable spot — fun and classy, with killer food and cocktails, and a chill ambiance that doesn’t scream This-Is-My-Most-Important-First-Date-This-Week (even if it is).

Worry not, we’ve gathered up 100 restaurants that are perfect spots for first dates. So whether he texts you something like “what are you thinking for next week?” or you just want to get ahead of things and suggest something, there is definitely something here for you. Take a look above, and own that first date like a pro…Look at it this way, if it doesn’t go well, at least the foodie in you was satiated.

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