How To Improve Your Complexion

We don’t usually play favorites when it comes to nighttime skincare, but this retinol from PCA SKIN is our new Vitamin-A-packed, anti-aging obsession. But let’s back up a moment…Why apply Vitamin A to your face? Why consume it? When it comes to practicing beauty from the inside out, Vitamin A just might take the cake…literally. In addition to a slew of health benefits, it’s a miracle worker in terms of overall skin health and anti-aging, which is why we attempt to incorporate it into our diet whenever we can – and apply it topically. The collagen it produces in your skin leads to less wrinkles and fine lines, and Vitamin A itself leads to a clearer complexion and a more even skin tone. Isn’t that what we’re all striving for when it comes to glowing skin? Below are five essential sources of Vitamin A, and why and how you should be consuming/applying them as fast as your mouth and fingers can carry you…

1. PCA SKIN Intensive Age Refining Treatment: This is our new go-to product, as it seriously reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. We feel literally aglow by just applying a pea-sized amount. Start with two times a week after cleansing (only at night), followed by a moisturizer, and work your way up to three times a week. Once your skin has acclimated, you should ideally apply daily. The good news is, irritation is minimal and efficacy is maximal. Just make sure to use an SPF during the day, which you always need to do with retinols. Voila Vitamin A; we love feeling you on our skin.

2. Kale (cooked): Seriously rich in Vitamin A, we’re all pretty versed on how to overdo it with kale these days. Since it has to be cooked, just accompany dinner with it a few times a week, and you’re golden.

3. Dried Apricots: We are dying for an excuse to eat dried apricots, because we find it to be such an underrated snack. Everyone raves about dates, dried apples, dried mangos and the like, but what about the underdog of dried fruit? Now you have a reason to continue or start your love affair with the stuff.

4. Carrots (cooked): We don’t need excuses to eat roasted carrots; they’re a favorite side dish of ours. We particularly like the ones at The Fat Radish…go try it.

5. Cod Liver Oil: Yes, we know…There’s an ick factor involved when it comes to considering consuming cod liver – but the good news is that you can consume it easily as a supplement. When it comes to your skin (as well as health issues like one’s immune system, high blood pressure and high cholesterol), it’s most definitely worth it. Plus, doesn’t it sound like something Gwyneth would do?

*Sponsored by PCA SKIN