Where Celebrities Eat in Los Angeles

It’s no secret we can all be a bit obsessed with all things celeb-related. Call it a grass-is-always-greener Saturday or a bored-perusing-instagram Tuesday, we can get somewhat addicted to the lives and social feeds of our favorite limelight stars. We recently brought you our Actresses Guide to Manhattan, so you can enjoy a chocolate chip cookie in the company of Parker Posey, or seafood with a view, alongside Emily Mortimer (not too close). We promised you a part two, where we represented the West Coast, and we’re keeping our word.

We’re New Yorkers, no question, but we love jetting off to LA whenever we can, to get our food, fashion and perfect weather fix. With a food and drink scene that rivals New York’s, our slideshow boasts the best LA recommendations from some of our favorite actresses. Curious about where Bryce Dallas Howard goes to get her coffee fix? Check out Lamill Coffee. Want to nosh on some salad with Tori Spelling? Hit up Tender Greens. We’ve got all your LA eating and drinking essentials right here. Check out the slideshow above, and our map below. We can’t guarantee a celeb sighting, but if you do spot someone special, remember to be on your best behavior — no meal interrupting or selfie heckling, be a potatohead lady about it.


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