Superfoods, Nuts & Seeds You Need

There are foods and ingredients that are no doubt miracle foods and ingredients, and some – like nuts, seeds and superfoods – are super easy to sprinkle on anything. While we can’t be healthy every moment of every day, we like to think we can incorporate ingredients into our regimen that benefit everything from our endocrine system to our digestion all the way to our Vitamin C levels.

Here at TNP, we love that we can do this with food, because it reinforces our theory that beauty from the inside out is just as important as the products you apply topically. So what are the benefits to certain nuts, superfoods and seeds that are easy to sprinkle on salads, snack on or add to your eggs or smoothie in the morning? Mikaela Reuben shared 9 of them accompanied by 9 benefits, check it out above…

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