12 Proteins You Should Eat

How do you consume protein in the best possible way? Also how can you be informed as to what proteins you should be eating? Enter our go-to nutritionist Mikaela Reuben, who gave us a big list of proteins – both of the animal and plant persuasion – and what their benefits are. These are the best, most natural forms of protein you can have, and whether you’re a vegetarian or a carnivore there’s something for everyone. Here’s what Reuben had to say about the plant proteins she selected:

“Regardless of which diet you subscribe to, there is a general consensus that the more vegetables in a day the better. Introducing a higher percentage of plant based protein is a wonderful way to add more health, fiber, and nutrients to a plate. And for all you carnivores, here’s what she had to say on her favorite animal proteins, “I always try to make sure the majority of my diet is vegetable based but when I do choose to consume animal proteins, I opt for high quality protein-dense options. My preferred choices are salmon and eggs. The source of these animal proteins greatly affects the quality and availability of the nutrients so make sure to choose wild, grass fed, organic, and sustainable when possible.”

Peruse the proteins above and get ready for a fun new foods list!

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