Our Favorite Summer Wedding Dresses

————. Hear that? That’s the sound of the calm before the storm. May is on the cusp and before too long, wedding season mania will inevitably ensue. You can’t escape it ladies. When spring and summer hit, we attend weddings like it’s our day job, oh wait we already have one of those: Thank goodness for open bars and entertaining champagne toasts.

While not actually being in the wedding takes a lot of pressure off, it can be a bit stressful figuring out what to wear. At least if you’re on bridesmaid duty, that decision is made for you (for better or for worse, eh?). There are so many factors to consider — budget, location, weather, the type of company we’re in — it can be enough to send you in “what to wear” paralysis mode. Fret not, we’ve got you covered with these stellar 10 dresses that are perfect for a summer wedding. Check them out and take stock (the clock is ticking)!

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