10 Slip On Shoes You Need

We’re always on the go, and sometimes we just don’t have time to wrestle with fussy footwear. Also, since we’re being honest, sometimes we’re just too lazy to bother. We want something easy, something convenient, something that doesn’t take five hours to put on. Enter our white knight – the slip-on shoe. Slip-ons help us simplify and dress fast when we’re faced with the dreaded “I’ve got nothing to wear” syndrome, or when we’re giving new meaning to the term “fashionably late.”

They may be a lazy or perpetually tardy girl’s BFF, but hey, at least they make us look polished regardless. High-maintenance shoes are overrated anyway, right? Whether your alarm failed you and you need something on the fly, or you’re waking up super early and you just can’t even deal, slip-on shoes are essential. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites. Check them out above and bask in that effortless low-key glory.

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