10 Foods To Grow Hair

Sally Hershberger’s Chris Lospalluto is a genius when it comes to all things concerning hair. That includes helping it be healthy and helping it grow. Seriously, is anyone else slightly frustrated at how long it takes their hair to grow? Especially now that it’s warm out, we all imagine a sort of flowing mane that accompanies us to the beach along with (hopefully) a man candy accessory and a strong SPF. Surprisingly enough, hair health actually starts and ends with your diet: Beauty from the inside out? We think so.

You may not be consuming the nutrients your hair needs to grow: when it comes to hair health it’s all about what you’re consuming on a day-to-day basis. Do you want Cher Horowitz hair? Or do you want Doc from Back To The Future hair? The answer would be Cher, and the way to get there is not just necessarily biotin supplements or other vitamins, but simply some key foods Lospalluto suggested to us. Scroll through above to find out just what foods are good for your hair and why…

 Now that you know what to eat to help hair growth, why not learn about food to make your skin glow, or foods that make you smart