5 Pairs of Aviators You Need

It may not be summer just yet, but the sun’s out and our shades are on. We recently gushed over our love for sunnies, but there’s one specific style we come back to time and time again — the aviator. Why? Because they’re timeless. When some people think of aviators, they think of 1920s test pilots, but when we think of them, we picture Kate Hudson looking ever so awesome and—can we say—groovy, in Almost Famous. Other than high-waisted jeans, we can’t think of a look more emblematic of the seventies than these wide, retro shades, and damn do we feel fly when we have them on. Worn by everyone from Elvis and John Lennon to Farrah Fawcett and Gloria Steinem, aviators have been a symbol for cool, that’s stood the test of time. Also, need we remind you — Tom Cruise, in Top Gun? Aviators are one accessory we hope never retires. Look above for our five favorite pairs.

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