10 Dresses For A Night Out

How do you wear an ‘out’ dress without wearing a dress that looks too out-y? You Potatoheads know what we’re talking about. It’s all about toeing that line between ‘I didn’t try in a Friday-night-outfit sort of way’ and ‘I look damn sexy, but casually and effortlessly.’ Anyway, that’s the way our thought process goes.

Leave it to a killer dress to boost our confidence and give us that certain coveted swagger, while we answer, “what, this old thing?” every time you compliment us. There’s also something about finding that perfect dress you wear for any and every elevated occasion – like Abbi’s blue number on Broad City. Be it a date or drinks with girlfriends, dresses are a no-brainer, and today we’re sharing 10 of our favorites. Browse through our picks above, and treat yo self, you PYP (pretty young potato).

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