30 Midtown Lunches That Don’t Suck

Midtown has a bad rap for so many reasons, lack of redeeming restaurants being near the top of the list. Just like Times Square is a sea of tourists and creepy “performance artists,” Midtown is a playground of greasy fast food joints and depressing chains. If you find yourself in this part of town (or even worse, if you work in this hood like us potatoheads do), when lunchtime strikes, this can be a disappointing reality to swallow.

After all, there are only so many health-code-questionable salad bars one can take. But we did even more research than we’ve already done in terms of midtown lunches, and the surprising fact of the matter is, there are some solid, even healthy lunch spots in Midtown. Who knew? They’re like diamonds in the rough, but we finally found ’em. Browse through these thirty great Midtown lunch spots above. Here’s to a happier meal!

Work downtown? Why not try one of these healthy lunch spots. Are you an uptown dweller? These locations are for you