Bucket Hats We’re Obsessed With

It may be the 21st century, but nineties fashion is having a moment all over again. We’ve talked about the crop top, choker, jean jacket, and bucket bag revival, but feel we can no longer ignore the elephant in the room. That elephant is a bucket hat.

Yes, you read that right, bucket hats have made a comeback. Seeing them again brings a flood of nostalgia from our Friends-watching, body glitter-wearing, boy band-listening days. We thought this once popular beachy hat died with ‘N Sync, but apparently we were wrong, and you can thank Rihanna for that. For whatever reason, she’s decided to start rocking the hat, and it simply looks awesome on her (though she is Rihanna, so everything looks awesome on her). Either way, the trend is back, and like RiRi, we’ve decided to embrace it. Browse through some of our favorites, and we think you will too…

Pair your bucket hat with a perfect summer tee, and finish the look with a great pair of high-waisted jeans.